Seven Hemp Brands That Everyone Should Take a look at

Seven Hemp Brands That Everyone Should Take a look at


Hempivate specialises in health, skincare and devices, and their items are infused with the cannabis plant.


Satliva is based in Bengaluru, and sources its hemp raw material from the foothills of the Mountain ranges. Its hemp seed oil is drawn out and integrated with other cold pressed oils and important oils, and the brand is understood for its Beard and Mooch cream, which is made from hemp seed oil together with mango butter, argan oil and tea tree oil. It is one of the most popular products in their gentlemen collection.


Mindful Chemist has some of the most intelligentlycrafted biocompatible skincare items.


Found in 2013, BOHECO is one of the most distinguished brand names in the hemp sector. It’s an agro-based business that is reimagining the future of Indian farming and sustainable living, by including hemp in our daily routine. The company also helps local farmers in cultivating the crop by supplying optimum seeds and growing techniques. They also have a health-nutrition range in addition to a style label.


Hempstrol is a socially conscious brand name targeted at constructing a reputable hemp market in India. They promote natural healthcare options. Their star products include a menstrual cramp oil, and a pollution mask made from hemp material. According to the brand, the menstrual cramp oil has strong anti-inflammatory residential or commercial properties, which soothes the nervous system and reduces the inflammation, eliminating period pain.


Vedi works with the connection between Ayurveda and hemp. Marijuana has actually played a significant role in the historic practice of Ayurveda, so it focuses on utilizing hemp to help India find its Ayurvedic roots.


Hemis has hemp-based garments, footwears, accessories, house furnishing, stationery, and wellness and nutrition products. Their menswear collection has t-shirts, kurtas and Tee shirts, kolhapuris and slip-ons, which are organic. If you’re looking for luxury integrated with sustainability, this is the brand for you.

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